What is the FSPL Soccer Tournament

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What is the FSPL Soccer Tournament

If you’re new to the sport of soccer, you may be wondering what the FSPL soccer stands for. This newest league is a regional soccer tournament that offers competitive play for elite U13-U19 teams. The Florida State Premier League was created in 2009 to complement the USYS National Youth League Showcase Series. The league is run by the Florida Youth Soccer Association’s State Office and is overseen by the Florida Club Development League Commission.

To join, you must be at least 10 years old and registered in the appropriate age group. The age limit is eight, but you can still register in the Region B Premier Division. The competition is designed to expose young soccer players to the standards of a professional league. Aside from the State Cup, the FYSA also offers a youth division. These two levels are similar in size, but they offer more competitive opportunities. The newest division is the Region B Premier Division, where teams from three different age groups compete for the championship title.

While the Florida State Cup is the state’s premier youth competition, the Florida Club League runs several levels of competition. The Florida Club League ONE is a state-wide travel soccer league composed of the best clubs in Florida. As the most prestigious youth soccer tournament in the country, the ECNL Girls Regional League provides a pathway to full potential for young players. This league consists of top performing clubs in the state.

The FSPL soccer and the Florida State Premier League

The Florida State Premier League is a state-wide travel league for U13-U19 teams. The League is part of the US Club Soccer (USS) organization, and it complements the National Football League Conferences and the USYS National Showcase Series. The Premier Division is operated by the Florida Youth Soccer Association State Office. The Commission for the Florida State Premier Level oversees the competition. The goal of the Premier Division is to allow elite U13-U19 teams to compete in a competitive environment.