What is So Special About the Michigan Wolves Soccer Team?

michigan wolves soccer

The Michigan Wolves Soccer Club was formed in 1974 as a group of individuals with the same passion for the sport. The team was made up of volunteers who joined together to play for the local high school football team. Today the Michigan Wolves are one of the well known soccer clubs in the region. They have won the National Premier Soccer League twice, the United Soccer League premier division three times, and the United States Football Association (USL) Premier Division once.

Michigan Wolves soccer club

The Michigan Wolves soccer club offers age specific teams for junior kids from below-7 to over-19. The St. Joseph s Sports Arena is their main home venue and the arena provides additional coaching opportunities as well. The soccer club now has a fulltime coaching staff, which consist of five full-time coaches and two part-time assistants. One of the assistants is Steve Addison, a graduate of Michigan State University and an award winner of theastics coaching. The assistant coaches have been with the club for two years.

The mission of the soccer team has remained the same since its formation two decades ago. “Training hard, competing hard, winning that trophy” is their motto. The team does not practice once a week. Instead they give their players and coaches a lot of extra work in game situations, on the field, and in between games. Two weeks ago the team traveled to Ohio to face the University of Michigan.

The first half featured some very intriguing soccer action. The reserves and starters played some good soccer, but the visitors couldn’t score. Then the second half began. The newcomers had a tough time playing against a highly conditioned Michigan Wolverine team. The end result was a 3-3 draw.

The next week the Michigan Wolves will travel to Bloomington, Indiana to take on another college soccer club. This time the opposing coaches are Billy Graham, a former college star at Virginia, and Kevin Kelley, an assistant coach at Harvard. Both coaches have a lot of experience in coaching high quality soccer teams. This should be a very good test for the newly formed michigan wolves soccer club.

In the off season the club will continue to develop player development and head coach training programs. Youth soccer organizations are very interested in the growth of player development. They want to see the best players at the professional level. So far the club has done an excellent job with their youth partnerships program. Many of the underclass player’s from the local youth soccer programs moved on to play at the Division I level. The Michigan Wolves have had great success with their youth partnerships program and believe it has a lot to do with the players performance at the higher levels.

Two other colleges which signed athletes to their programs recently are Villanova and Creighton. These coaches have years of coaching experience and they bring a wealth of knowledge and winning experiences to the table. Other coaches to watch out for include Rich Brooks, John Koven and Steve Massey. The top college coaches typically send out very good kids to play high school soccer and there are many prospects for the Michigan Wolves to get involved in the NCAA and beyond.

Getting an education never seemed to be as much fun as it is these days. Plus when you work and play soccer you end up getting social and having fun together. Coaching a youth soccer team provides the opportunity to share that with others. Bringing young players into such a competitive environment helps them improve on their game and enjoy the experience. Hopefully this article has given you some insights to getting involved with the Michigan Wolves Youth Soccer Club.

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