The KASL Youth Soccer League

KASL Youth Soccer is the only youth soccer organization in the state of Michigan, and operates during the Fall. The league has separate teams for boys and girls in various age groups and is competitive. The KASL Organization uses certified coaches and professional trainers to develop players. The KASL Council meets regularly, and makes decisions regarding league policies and procedures. All team representatives must complete and submit a picture of their birth certificate to participate. It also holds special meetings and elects the KASL soccer board.

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KASL Youth Soccer

KASL is affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and the Michigan Soccer Association (MSSA). All games are held on Sundays. The league works with the local schools to align the sports schedules. Those who play travel soccer must attend tryouts and commit to the team for the entire season. This will include the tournaments, and may require travel players to make an additional fee. However, if the player is returning from another league, he or she must register again.

The league has also announced that it has expanded its coaching staff. Former KASL assistant coach Linda Englund will be joining the staff of BGCK. The new team will be managed by Chris Lenzi and will have assistant coaches Ben Cooper and Nick Malvai. Additionally, the Under-15 Boys Team Raptors will have a coach in Benjamin Cooper, while the Under-18 Boys Team will have a manager in Jennifer Olenski.

Registration is mandatory, and players must be registered prior to each session. The KY ASL will provide minimum expenses for traveling to the games. The KY ASL provides top level competition for players of all ages and skill levels in Kentucky. To participate in the Kentucky Amateur Soccer League, you must have a valid state ID and be at least 10 years old. In addition, registering for the KASL is a great way to expand the game of soccer in Kentucky.

The KASL soccer team needs volunteers to coach the young players. A volunteer coach can act as a mentor and encourage children to play soccer. If you are a parent or a guardian, you should be willing to coach a child. This will ensure that the kid has the best possible chance of making friends with his or her coach. If you have children who are interested in playing in the sport, you can also sign them up to a club.