The Club Ohio Fall Classic Soccer Tournament

The club ohio fall classic soccer tourney is held in the Columbus area each year. Typically, many teams compete. Each team will play three games in the event. The Fall Classic is a USSF licensed tournament and is open to teams from various levels. This is a great opportunity for a team to showcase their skills and showcase their team spirit. This event attracts teams from all over the state and is an excellent way to make your team stand out.

club ohio fall classic soccer tournament

Club Ohio Fall Classic Soccer Tournament

This soccer tournament is open to players of all ages and skills. All teams are welcome, but you must be a member of a club to participate. A minimum of three games is required to register. You must be a member of a club in order to compete. All tournaments are open to clubs and non-members. You can join a fall classic tournament even if you aren’t a member of one.

The Club Ohio Fall Classic is open to all age groups and experience levels. The tournament is played at Spindler Road Park, a professional field. All the matches are held on the field, so they are MLS-quality. This soccer event is organized by the club ohio league. It is free and open to all, so you can register and attend any club you like. You’ll be able to watch other clubs from around the state and find out which team is the best.

Ohio Fall Classic Soccer Tournament

Ohio Fall Classic Soccer Tournament

The Ohio Fall Classic is a youth soccer tournament held in Columbus, Ohio. Each team can field a roster of 18 players or less. U13-15 teams may dress as many as 18 players per match, and teams in U8-U10 divisions may field a roster of 12 players. The event is free and open to all soccer teams, regardless of level. In 2021, the tournament will be expanded to include eighth graders.

The TFA welcomes all USSF association and league teams. However, each team must have a player pass approved by the USYSA for the current season. The tournament is organized and staged by parent volunteers from the Cincinnati United Soccer Club. Unlike some other soccer tournaments, this one requires a club team to be in good standing with their state association. The Ohio Fall Classic will be held on a Saturday and is open to US Club and USYS teams.

Each team must submit a completed application form along with a payment for the entry fee. Applicants should make a check, money order, or credit card payment in US dollars, and send it to the Ohio Fall Classic soccer tournament. All entries must be received by October 1, 2020, in order to participate. The payment is due by the following day – September 11, 2020. Please note that late applications may be disqualified. Listed below are the deadlines for filling out the application.

The weather forecast for the weekend includes snow showers early in the day. These will give way to partly cloudy skies later in the afternoon. Winds will be West at 10 to 15 mph, and temperatures will remain cool. During the tournament, the temperature will remain in the mid-teens with a chance of snow falling. With this weather forecast, the Ohio Fall Classic Soccer Tournament is certain to be a fun and exciting event for all the participants.