Weymouth Youth Soccer

Weymouth Youth Soccer has many levels, including Travel and the WUFC. Players play on a whole field with an official. The games are six on six with a goalie. A water break will be taken in between quarters. The coaches and players are all volunteers and the goal is to develop player skills. The team … Read more

Salinas Soccer League

Salinas Soccer League The Salinas Soccer League was founded in 2000, and is an amateur soccer league in Salinas, California. The team is currently a part of the Northwestern Conference and competes in the Western Conference. The club has been in existence since 2006, and has won a handful of regional and national tournaments, including … Read more

Champions Soccer League

The number of teams in the Champions Soccer League depends on the coefficients of member associations. The top two teams are the winners of their respective national championships. The final match of the champions will be decided by the winner of both the halves. The UEFA champions will win the entire tournament. The UEFA Champions … Read more

New Balance Soccer Jersey

With New Balance being a prominent manufacturer of soccer kits, it is no surprise that the brand also produces soccer jerseys. Jerseys from the renowned manufacturer are highly durable and hard wearing, which makes them suitable for all weather conditions. It is important to note that unlike other brands, New Balance do not focus on … Read more

Puerto Rico Soccer Jersey

Puerto Rico Football team is one of the favorites in South America. The men’s short sleeve shirts are very popular amongst the fans and the players. It is one of the reasons that people from different parts of the world have started following the Puerto Rican football team. If you are a fan, then you … Read more

Scotland Soccer Jersey – The Soccer Uniform of the Country

Cool Scotland soccer jersey, scotland soccer team jersey, scotland men’s soccer jersey and scotland women’s soccer jersey are perfect for any soccer fan to flaunt. Young kids, men, and women: Wear a scotland soccer team jersey, scotland soccer team shirt, scotland national soccer team jersey or scotland women’s soccer jersey to become a world class … Read more

Ecuador Soccer Jersey

Ecuador has a rich football tradition and getting an Ecuador soccer jersey is one of the most popular ways to support the national team. The squad has traditionally been made up of great players such as Roberto Carlos, Pele, Ronaldo and many more. As you can imagine fans from all over the world have wanted … Read more

Guatemala Soccer Jersey

Are you a fan of Guatemala soccer jersey? Do you want to be one of the few that has the Guatemala soccer jersey on? Well you can! This is one of the few countries that make it to the world cup and to compete with the very favorites such as Mexico and Brazil. Guatemala is … Read more