Soccer Coach

The Job of a Soccer Coach There are two types of soccer coaches. One is the manager, and the other is the coach. The former is more common outside of Britain, while the latter is most common in the United States. Both are responsible for the management of a particular team. Both titles are essentially … Read more

Soccer Ball Machine

Soccer ball machine, the soccer ball shooting machine, the soccer ball machine gun, the soccer ball machine, soccer ball training machine. Which one do you prefer to use? Which one should I buy? First, let me share some information about soccer ball machine. And then use my results to help you make a decision. Soccer … Read more

Best American Soccer Players

There is a lot of discussion as to who are the best American soccer players of all time. Some prefer Becky ham, others like Lauren Cole and there are some who think the best of the best are Carli Lloyd, Terri Reed, Alexi Shelburne and Becky ham. If you ask me I think Alexi is … Read more