Things You Should Know About the SOCAL Soccer League

The SOCAL soccer league is an all-comers’ youth soccer organization that includes competitive levels for children born in 2002 to 2015. There are member clubs in Southern California that offer a wide variety of programs and multiple levels of competition. SOCAL is affiliated with US Club Soccer. Listed below are some of the things you … Read more

What Is EDP Soccer?

What is edp soccer? What are its goals? Who can play? How does it differ from other youth soccer leagues? And how can you become a member? Read on to find out! We’ve rounded up a few facts and figures that will help you make an informed decision about joining edp soccer. Also read on … Read more

Mad About Soccer

Established in 2001, Mad About Soccer is a Miami-based soccer store selling everything from balls to uniforms. Whether you are a fan of your local team or just love watching soccer, you will find everything you need at this store. The owners, Wainer and Sebastian Covos, have made it a point to sell everything that … Read more

Hempfield Soccer Tournament

Hempfield, PA, is hosting its 29th annual fall classic this weekend! The event will feature over 650 teams from across the country and will showcase the newest crop of high-performance athletes. It is the largest hempfield soccer tournament in the United States, and is part of the Penn Legacy Tradition of Excellence. It will be … Read more

Learn More About the Eagles Soccer Academy

Eagles Soccer Academy There are many programs at the eagles soccer academy that can be helpful for your child or adult. In addition to children’s soccer programs, there are also programs for adults. In addition to eagles soccer academy, you can also join the local soccer club. The Atlanta Eagles Soccer Academy is an excellent … Read more

What is the FSPL Soccer Tournament

What is the FSPL Soccer Tournament If you’re new to the sport of soccer, you may be wondering what the FSPL soccer stands for. This newest league is a regional soccer tournament that offers competitive play for elite U13-U19 teams. The Florida State Premier League was created in 2009 to complement the USYS National Youth … Read more

Florida State Premier League

Florida State Premier League The Florida State Premier League is a newly formed football league for boys and girls teams in the state of Florida. The new football competition is designed to provide elite teams in the region with a competitive level. The league will have over 90 games played per day and will consist … Read more

Goshen Soccer Academy

Goshen Soccer Academy Goshen Soccer Academy is a new indoor soccer and futsal facility in Goshen, IN. The facility has been serving kids in kindergarten through eighth grade for the past two years. Registration is now open for winter programs. The academy is located at 1400 Fairfield Avenue in Goshen. For more information, visit the … Read more

Ohio OSSL State Cup

The OSSL State Cup is an annual tournament that takes place in Ohio. The competition is open to any team registered in the state, including those in the Under-12, Under-13, and Under-10 age groups. The competition is also open to teams in the Under-10 and Under-11 age groups. The goal of the tournament is to … Read more

The Benefits of Joining the OSSL Soccer

One of the fastest growing adult amateur leagues in the country is the OSSL Soccer or Ocean State Soccer League. This soccer league is also comprised of elementary and middle school students who compete against each other for a championship. The OSL is based in Boston, Massachusetts and has been in existence for over 40 … Read more