Stenger Soccer Complex

The Stenger Soccer Complex is located right on the grounds of the brand new Denver International Airport. The huge complex sits less than fifteen miles away from the Denver International Airport and just minutes from Interstate 70.

Stenger Soccer Complex

While competing at the Stenger Soccer Complex you will enjoy 37 naturally maintained, high-quality synthetic soccer fields which are equipped with professional drainage and irrigation systems to make sure that the fields are always in great condition no matter what. With an amazing selection of teams you and your family can play for friendly competition or just for fun. There is even a full service campground that offers shuttles to and from the airport as well as safe parking, restrooms and a clubhouse.

stenger soccer complex

Every year the Stenger Soccer Complex features a tournament which brings teams from throughout the state in for a week long tournament featuring some of the most competitive players in the area. Each year the Stenger Soccer Complex features teams from the Colorado High School Athletic Association, the South Metro Sports Club, and the Metro Colorado United Soccer Association. All of the teams have a long history of high school soccer, college soccer, and recreational soccer and all of their players must conform to very strict and stringent grooming and training standards. Referees are selected by the states athletic commissions and must meet certain standards to be considered for the job.

Stenger Soccer Complex Games

Every game starts with the pre-game referee Briefing. This Briefing usually happens twenty-five minutes prior to the game card being turned in for kick off. During this Briefing the referee explains to the team the exact procedures that will be followed during the game. These procedures may include the use of protective gear such as jerseys or mouth guards, proper formation and bearing down before the ball is thrown, not making unnecessary contact with another team player, being aware of and knowing the rules for the particular game, receiving the game card for the referee, reporting to the refs, and then gathering the team lineup for the first half.

As soon as the official kick off has been called the Stenger Soccer Complex begins to prepare the field map and place the appropriate cones on the field to mark the areas in which the field lines will intersect. A safety precaution is always taken to avoid causing extra dangerous conditions on the field. This precaution is taken especially true when there are two or more teams playing at one time. The Stenger Soccer Complex also begins to prepare the 4th official, who is a member of the facilities crew.

After the official kick off is called the Stenger Soccer Complex begins to prepare the 4th official for his or her arrival. This official is a member of the facilities crew who is responsible for ensuring that all of the necessary equipment for the game has been placed in good condition. The Stenger Soccer Complex also begins to prepare the field for play. They begin to place the netting for play so that the corners of the field are properly prepared for play.

Once the weather conditions for the warm up match are over the Stenger Soccer Complex begins preparing the semi-final and final games. The semi-final matches consist of teams from across the region with ties determined by performance. Each team is then given ten minutes to prepare for their game card. This includes organizing their pinnies, socks, shorts, and game cards. This also includes putting their helmets on so that they can wear the official soccer kits provided to them for that particular game.

Each team’s starting position is indicated on the Stenger Soccer Schedule, which is also posted on the wall outside of the locker rooms. After each team finishes playing they must wait until their stenger is notified on the next step. The 4th official then enters in to the stands and starts announcing the starting positions of each team. When the time comes for the 4th official to check-in they do so before the game cards are checked in the lockers.

The Stenger soccer complex welcomes both the home and away teams for the semi-final and final games. The fans at the stadium are given special treatment when attending any of the games. All people who are not credentialed NFL officials are barred from entering the locker room and must first undergo security screening. The Stenger staff works very closely with the players and the refs to ensure a safe, clean, and comfortable experience. These officials do not let players leave the field without attending to an update on how they are doing. If a player or official runs out of time during the game the steward will personally try to accommodate them and find a replacement player or referee to replace them in the stands.

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