Soccer Taco in Santa Monica, California, Is a Must-See For Soccer Lovers

soccer taco

Nelia and Stefanie are co-owners of Soccer Taco and each bring a unique set of skills to the restaurant. Nelia has experience in the food service industry, while her mother, Marilyn, is a Certified Public Accountant and handles the restaurant’s accounting, payroll, taxes, and other business details. Stefanie is a designer, so her presence is evident in the menu and website. Together, they are passionate about their business and its future.

Soccer Taco Authentic Mexican cuisine

For those who love the game of soccer and appreciate authentic Mexican cuisine, Soccer Taco in Santa Monica, California, may be just the place for you. This family-friendly restaurant offers authentic Mexican fare at reasonable prices and an inviting atmosphere. Its three concepts are inspired by taquerias throughout Mexico. The concept focuses on futbol, and the menu includes Mexican favorites such as pozole soup and tacos filled with cow’s cheek.

The owners of Soccer Taco each have a different skill set. Nelia runs the restaurant, while Marilyn handles all the business details, such as payroll and taxes. Stefanie’s eye for design is evident in the menu and website. Together they’ve succeeded in capturing the unique atmosphere of the Mexican soccer-themed restaurant. Their dedication to bringing authentic Mexican food to the area has resulted in many awards and accolades.

Multiple TVs

The space is perfect for watching soccer, with its high ceilings, multiple TVs, and team banners. There is also live music, and the casual pint adjacent to the bar offers a great place to watch your team. Soccer Taco also partners with Casual Pint for live music on select nights. It’s worth making a trip to this popular sports bar, and we hope you enjoy your meal there. We will help fund SB Nation by pointing you in the right direction.

Fun family atmosphere

Whether you’re a soccer fanatic or simply want to hang out with your friends, Soccer Taco offers a comfortable atmosphere with great food at a reasonable price. You’ll love the high ceilings, nine televisions, and countless team banners. And the atmosphere is family friendly with plenty of space to spread out and watch the games. You can even dance the night away with live music from the Casual Pint.

The fun family atmosphere at Soccer Taco is the perfect combination of authentic Mexican food and American sports grill fare. The restaurants offer a variety of authentic Mexican dishes, including fajitas, burritos, enchiladas, and even tacos made with cow’s cheek. In addition to their sports-themed menu, Soccer Taco also has vegetarian options and specialty plates for children.

The menu is full of authentic Mexican dishes, and the prices are very affordable. The portions are large, and prices are reasonable. The kids’ menu is especially fun for parents who need to feed a large number of hungry people at one time. The food is served at a table with plenty of space. If you’re in the mood for a celebratory drink, Soccer Taco also offers a variety of margaritas.

Family-owned business

The concept of this family-owned business has been around for five years, with the original concept of emphasizing futbol while serving traditional Mexican fare. The menu also incorporates Mexican taquerias, including fajitas and salsa. The restaurant also serves take-out and offers a wide range of margaritas. The soccer-themed restaurant is a favorite with both locals and tourists.

The three owners of Soccer Taco each bring a distinct skill set to the table. Nelia oversees the front of the house operations while her sister, Marilyn, is responsible for the finances. She handles payroll, taxes, and other business details. Stefanie, who is the designer, lends her creative input to the website and menus. The family’s business has won numerous awards, including “Best Sports Bar” in San Diego, Best New Mexican Restaurant, and Best of the West in SF’s Market Square neighborhood.

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