Soccer Fields Near Me

Do you want to find a Soccer Fields Near Me? The Map below shows the soccer fields that are close by.

Soccer Fields Near Me

Soccer Fields Near Me

With over 20,000 soccer fields in the US, chances are you should be able to locate a field. Most fields are located on schools campuses or public parks. Chances are if you just looking for a pickup game to play with a group of friends you will have to use a soccer field in a public park.

You will have a choice of regular grass fields or synthetic Turf fields. With the ease of care involved with synthetic turf fields and despite the initial cost it is a fast growing option for many sport fields including soccer. Nothing beats a grass field, the ball just move how it should.

What Is The Standard Soccer Field Size

Many soccer fields will vary in size but most willvary between a set measurement to meet international and local guidelines. FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) does have a set of minimum and maximum measurements that a soccer field must meet. FIFA states a soccer field should between 110 to 120 yards long, and 70 to 80 yards wide.

FIFA StandardMinimumMaximum
Length100 Yards130 Yards
Width (Goal Line)50 Yards100 Yards

How many players on a soccer field.

While there are 11 players on a regular soccer field for a team at any one time, you will be surprise how many people ask the question. with a pick up game with your friends the amount does not matter, just some players and a soccer ball. And maybe some water.

One of the beautiful things about this game of soccer you can so much fun on any type of field or surface. Just in your backyard with a couple rocks as the goals fun for hours.

Soccer Ball Sizes

For most, the casual observer won’t realize that there are different ball sizes. The sizes range from size 1 Soccer ball to Size 5 Soccer ball. The most common size for playing are 3-5.

  • Size 5 Soccer Ball – for 13 year old players and up.
  • Size 4 Soccer Ball – youth soccer ball is for 8-12 year old players.
  • Size 3 Soccer Ball – for under 8 year old players.

Soccer League Fields Sizes

Does the size of the soccer differ for the different soccer leagues throughout the world. It does, but most are around the same, with just a small difference, by far US leagues fields are smaller as compared to other popular European League fields.

English Premier League115 Yards75 Yards
FIFA115 Yards74 Yards
Major League Soccer
110 Yards70 Yards
Barcelona Pitch115 Yards74 Yards

Youth Soccer Fields Near Me

Youth soccer fields near me do vary in size depending on the age of the kids playing. It would be too much to expect for smaller kids to play on a standard international field.

Youth soccer fields will range in length 30 – 100 yards by a width of 15 – 60 yards.

AgeField Size (Yards)
14+60 x 100
1250 x 80
1040 x 70
825 x 50
615 x 30

Different types of Soccer Fields near me

The soccer field, also known as football field, is very wide. It can be 100 to 130 feet (90 120m) long, 50 to hundred feet ( 45 90m), and forty to fifty yards (30 60m). The depth of the field is based on various factors, such as if the field is going to have an indoor/ outdoor structure, whether the ground is uneven, and if the players are going to be standing for awhile during play. Another option that has been made available is making the field artificial; this option is commonly used in baseball fields. The soccer field is often referred to as a playing field. Some other terms used to describe it are soccer turf, artificial turf field, and field of play.

A soccer field is generally the playing field for the sport of Association football. The playing field is usually designated by Law 1 of the Laws of the Game; “The Field of play”. The field is commonly made of synthetic turf or natural grass, though many amateur and professional teams also play on natural grass fields. With regards to the playing field, a turf is the most commonly used material because it is cheaper, durable, and allows players to play in more outdoor conditions.

There are many different types of actions that take place in a soccer field. The most common action takes place between the players – known as ” Corner kicks”. Corner kicks occur when a player coming from the side of the field receiving the ball makes a touch with the ball, but is not legally in the play. For instance, if a player is kicking a corner kick but is out of bounds, he will be charged with a Corner Kick Law violation. A foul may also be given against a Corner Kick Holder if he tries to kick the ball while it is in play along the boundary line.

A soccer field near me is measured in yards rather than feet. Because of this measurement, a soccer field is about 60 yards wide, but it can vary greatly depending upon the circumstances. The length of a soccer field is the maximum amount of yards allowed for play. The length of the pitch is about 90 yards.

How long is a soccer field

How long is a soccer field? It depends on the size of the field, which is set by the rules of the game. The soccer field should be at least between 100 130 yards (90 120 meters) long. However, these figures vary greatly during an international game. Each team is allowed to field a maximum of three field units. The length of each of these units is determined by the specific regulations of each game.

How many acres is a soccer field

If you are a proud owner of a professional soccer team, or a coach of one you may have asked yourself the question, how many acres is a soccer fields near me. It can be hard to figure out the true dimensions since you need to account for any bunkers, pavilions, etc. Many people just assume that it is the overall measurement and not the specific measurements of the individual fields. The reality is that most soccer fields are generally around 8 acres in length, with varying capacities depending on the team, sponsors, or even the location. For example, some soccer fields are only half an acre, while others may be as large as one football field.

High school soccer fields near me dimensions

There are many things to consider when making sure your high school soccer team has enough playing space. While every school has its own allotted field size, most high schools play on a rectangular shaped field that is between seven and nine yards wide and between ten and fifteen yards deep. High school soccer fields aren’t necessarily the same size as pro fields, and can usually fall into the U-15 category sized field. These smaller fields require more fouls to be made, so it’s important to make sure you have enough room for players to maneuver in and out of the middle of the field.

Okay that’s enough Lets Player Soccer!