Redoubt Soccer – Located on the Naval Base

A Redoubt Soccer Park is an outdoor soccer facility located in the Chattanooga metropolitan area. It was designed and constructed by volunteers as a non-profit community project. The club, which is part of the Southern United Soccer Association, is one of several clubs in and around Chattanooga that play a competitive game of soccer.

redoubt soccer

Redoubt Soccer

The Redoubt boasts a lush green-thumbed grass surface where the field is divided into two sections with goals situated between them. Each team has five players on each side of the field. The soccer field is divided into four distinct sections with two sides being short yardage and two sides being long yardage. As the name implies, the short yardage is where the field is played for “short games”, while the long yardage is for “long ball games” such as tournaments. Because of this distance difference, each team must play their games at different times, with both teams taking turns being on the field at different times. This way each team is forced to adjust to playing on a different field.

The entire Redoubt soccer field is asphalt; however, the artificial turf has been specially colored to distinguish it from the natural grass. Each game includes a pre-arranged series of drills and games, as well as periodic breaks. For this reason, the Redoubt Soccer Association has special rules regarding the scheduling of tournaments. The rules include a maximum number of games to be played in a season, the type of dates that each team must choose to play, and the minimum and maximum scores for each team during all matches. The Redoubt Soccer field map clearly shows the layout of the field.

The Redoubt has held several occasions for tournaments, most notably the Southern Athletic Association Soccer Tournament, a qualifying tournament for the 2021 NCAA tournament. The tournament was won by eventual champions Auburn University. The Redoubt Soccer field, according to the field map, is located between the campus and the athletic facility. This location makes it convenient for student-athletes who may want to practice or take part in other activities outside of class.

The field has amenities such as concession stands and vendors for souvenirs. Because of its proximity to the Auburn campus, many athletes have had an easy access to the Redoubt Soccer Field. However, the Redoubt soccer field is not only used by Auburn University. It has also become a venue for tournaments and camps for various schools, including the U.S. military. A variety of teams from other colleges and universities use the Redoubt Soccer fields on a regular basis.

During the winter, Redoubt Soccer uses a sprinkler system to keep the soccer field moist. When the temperatures start to heat up, the redoubt turf is made even more comfortable by providing additional heat. The turf is also treated with a high quality water-based finish that helps to make the area much easier to play on for players and fans alike. The redoubt field is used year round for several different sports events such as football and lacrosse. Other athletic teams that use the redoubt field include the Alabama State University soccer team and the Tulane University women’s soccer team.

The U.S. military has also had some success using the Redoubt soccer field as a training venue. Because it is located so close to the naval base, the Redoubt soccer field allows the service men and women a convenient way to get some exercise. The base runs the facilities for tennis, golf and badminton. Although they do not offer any soccer equipment or recreation, the base does sponsor youth soccer and offers tennis and badminton lessons to the local high school students. As a result, local high school soccer players often travel to the Redoubt campus to train with the Navy service men and women.

Many high school players in the area have learned to play at the redoubt soccer field because of the close proximity to the activity. For this reason, they often stay after school to play in a local recreational league. The players enjoy the physical contact and excitement the sport brings to the area. In addition, the players are always allowed to wear navy blue uniforms with the squad name and number on them.