Recognizing the Benefits of the MoneyGram Soccer Park and Its Trees

MoneyGram Soccer Park is located in Oak Lawn, Dallas Texas. It is one of three established Texas soccer fields. The other two are FC Dallas Stadium (FC Dallas), and Alanya Sports Complex (Alisha). It was built and named by then Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Emmitt Smith. It can be considered as one of America’s premier soccer venues. It hosted a wide variety of high quality international teams and is consistently ranked among the top twenty clubs in the United States.

moneygram soccer park

MoneyGram Soccer Park

MoneyGram Soccer Park, commonly abbreviated as moneygram soccer park, is a 90 acre, asphalt artificial surface soccer field situated in Oak Lawn, Dallas Texas. It has a capacity of nearly sixty thousand spectators for all matches. It was designed by Major League Soccer team, Real Madrid. It is owned and operated by the City of Dallas and designed by influential sports architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

The name “MoneyGram” was derived from the company the constructed the park. The name is an amalgamation of Frank and Lloyd Wright’s names. It is commonly referred to as the Money Gram Sports Park due to its resemblance to the currency used on currency exchanges. This reference was given in reference to the fact that the stadium hosts a large number of international soccer games. In addition, it is the home of the Dallas Mavericks professional basketball team and the Dallas Stars hockey team.

MoneyGram Soccer Park Location

The primary function of MoneyGram Park is to provide an artificial surface for professional soccer games. The location of the park is in close proximity to downtown Dallas. The stadium has a capacity of about sixty thousand spectators for all league play. Although it can hold up to sixty thousand people, it limits the amount of traffic it can accommodate due to the lack of parking.

In addition to providing a surface for play, the money gram stadium serves as an advertising site for Dallas businesses. Many companies pay money to have banners and other advertising materials placed on the stadium roof. This location provides a great deal of exposure for businesses in Dallas looking to promote their products and services to the Dallas area. Two of the most popular Dallas businesses that place banners on the Money Gram are…

The Dallas Stars play out of their home stadium, Scott Stadium, while the Dallas Mavericks play at the new venue, the AT&T Center. Both teams share the Money Gram Park, which was designed and constructed by Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most respected architects in the world. The venue was named after Wright after he donated the money required to build the park. The money Gram paid to acquire the land, along with a number of subcontractors, has allowed the construction of one of the premier sports facilities in the state, along with a number of high class restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

As the Dallas Stars and Mavericks play out of the money gram stadium, they will also share a venue for soccer games. This venue is the Bank One Ballpark, which is located in downtown Dallas. Unlike other venues in Texas that allow only professional soccer teams to use the facility, the Dallas Cowboys practice and play games at the facility. Although the Cowboys play out of AT&T Stadium, the money the team and the money gram invested in the venue has allowed it to be one of the most prestigious in the league, and the second most popular stadium in the State of Texas.

Beyond the obvious benefits of naming rights and the exposure the venue provides, another benefit of the property is the elm that sits atop the Money Gram Park. Elms are a rare species found only in North America, and are commonly referred to as “Manuel’s elm.” The elm serves as a keystone in the landscape of the park. The rich, gray soils beneath the elm act as a sponge, soaking up moisture and holding it on the surface. As it rains, the soil will expand to hold the excess water until it evaporates. In this way, the elm serves to improve the overall ecological quality of the land, along with providing the rich soil, shade, and nutrients necessary for plant growth.

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