Randall’s Island Soccer Field

randalls island soccer field

Randall’s Island Soccer Field

The Randall’s Island soccer field has over 60 fields for a range of sports. The athletic fields include grass and turf, and are secured with a combination lock. It is located on the southern part of the island, under the Triborough Bridge, between Queens and the Bronx. The football and soccer teams of the Manhattan Soccer Club play on the Icahn Stadium soccer field. The stadium is a perfect venue for both home and away games.

Fields 44 and 45 are located near the parking lots. The southeast end of Randalls Island has fields 71 and 74, known as the “East River Fields.” The southwest part of Randalls Island features fields 50 and 51. Each field has seven-by-21 goals with nets. Players should be aware of safety issues and report them immediately. The teams may also use sandbags to protect their soccer fields.

There are two subway stations on Randall’s Island. The M35 bus stops on 125th Street, while the 4/5/6 train stops at 125th St. The bridge is under the Triborough Bridge and has a gated entrance. The exit for Randall’s Island is after paying the tolls. A Google Map will show you the exact location. Alternatively, Field 74 is on the Wards Meadow Loop, while Field 10 is located next to Icahn Stadium.

The Robert F. Kennedy (formerly Triborough) Bridge is located at the north end of Randall’s Island. The stadium is on the island’s north side, while the Kantor Fields are south of it, near the Triborough bridge. The M106 bus connects these two locations. Whether you are looking for a soccer field or track and field, you can find it easily. If you’re visiting Manhattan, you’ll need to use the Metro North 125th Street station.

The shuttles are free and run regularly from 8 AM to dusk. Using the M105 or the RFK Triborough Bridge, you’ll be able to cross the RFK Triborough Bridge and reach the soccer field. You can also take the M16 to Queens and take the M15 bus to the southern corner of the island. The RFK Bridge is located in Queens.

Originally planned as a WPA project, the stadium was built in 1936 and opened on July 11, 1936. The stadium has hosted numerous events, including the Women’s Olympic Trials in 1964 and the USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships in 1991. Currently, it is home to the New York Cosmos. The city’s history is a part of its culture and its history. If you’re in the area, you should visit the Randall’s Island soccer field. It is the perfect place to watch the game.

Randall’s Island Field Map

randalls island field map

The Randall’s Island Field Map will help you navigate the park, which is located under the Triborough Bridge in the East River. The map can be downloaded in PDF format for easy reference. To find the field, you should have a copy of the park’s official map. You can also view the park’s map on the website. A Randall’s Island Field Map is available for purchase. You can get one online or at any visitor center.

The Randall’s Island Field Map is a comprehensive resource for the parks and recreation areas of the area. This detailed map is a useful guide for anyone looking for a map of the park. There are two entrances – the north and south sides. To get to the field, you must cross the Triborough Bridge. Once you’re inside the park, you’ll find a Randall’s Island Field Map.

The Manhattan Soccer Club plays its home games at Icahn Stadium, which is located north of the stadium. The Kantor Fields are located south of Icahn Stadium. The former Manhattan Soccer Club uses the Kantor Fields, which are also known as Hells Gate Fields. The Randall’s Island Park is accessible from anywhere in New York City. A subway station is at 125th Street and Lexington Avenue.

While the Randall’s Island Field Map shows a variety of locations, it does not show the exact location of the park’s fields. This makes it important to get a Randall’s Island Park map for reference. The map shows the locations of the most popular playgrounds. For example, the Randall’s Islands Park has 60 different athletic fields, including two tennis courts and the John McEnroe Tennis Academy. The New York Sportimes of World Team Tennis were hosted in Randall’s Island Park until 2014.

Randall’s Island’s Field Map can help you get to the park easily. The map has all the locations of the South Side and the South Island. You can also use Moovit to find the best way to get to the Park from any part of Manhattan. It’s a convenient way to get around and find the best routes for your trip. In addition to a Randall’s Island Field Map, you can also find a Moovit bus route that you’re traveling to.

If you’re traveling to Randall’s Island, it’s important to make sure you have the correct directions. The map will show you the various roads and buildings that surround the park. In some cases, you’ll need to take the subway to get to the Park. If you’re unsure which way to go, it’s a good idea to consult a Randall’s Island field map.

During the Revolutionary War, the British used Randall’s Island as a launchpad for their amphibious assaults on Manhattan. In 1778, the British used the island for military purposes and it had a small population until the 1840s. However, the wooden drawbridge was not safe and was destroyed in a storm. In the early 18th century, the heirs of Jonathan Randel sold Randall’s to the city. The map shows the location of the various buildings that were destroyed.

Visitors can also visit the Salt Marsh Island. It is home to hundreds of birds. The island was created by excavating debris and installing clean sand. It has three distinct environments. It is surrounded by wetlands, swamps, and marshes. It is a protected area, so the state police maintains it. Aside from this, the Salt Marsh Island is a beautiful place to visit.