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pal soccer

PAL Soccer

PAL soccer is a non-profit organization that encourages youth participation in the sport of soccer. All ages are welcome, and no prior experience is required. Registration for both girls and boys will take place online, and the games will be played on Sunday mornings. PAL soccer will help children get used to the rules of the game and provide the best possible training. All PAL soccer sessions will be age appropriate. Despite the competitive nature of the sport, the league strives to foster a healthy and positive environment for all. First Precinct SROs teach Internet safety and other skills to the kids. PAL also sponsors Wyandanch Summer Youth Camp Program, which offers weekly clinics to 80 kids.

During the season, PAL holds seven games, which are held at different locations. The schedule will be posted on its website. The games are played at Stotzky Park. A mandatory coach meeting will be held on March 5 to answer any questions. Registrants must be at least five years old to participate. The registration process for the 2021 PAL season will begin in August and run through the sixth of September. In addition to the games, the program will have training sessions at Riley Avenue Elementary School.

Among the many benefits of joining the PAL program are the benefits and safety measures. The safety measures include wearing a mask and having your own soccer ball, as well as having a separate training area. This allows players to play with their teammates safely, without the fear of catching an illness from the other team. PAL also provides funding for the use of portable cooking equipment, which helps to keep the children safe. Moreover, the program is free of charge and can be attended by anyone in the community.

As for the rules of the game, players can change their teams at any time during play. Substitutions are allowed only after a goal is scored and during breaks of play. Fouls are executed from a RED FOUL MARKER. The first seven fouls are executed normally. The opponents must be within 3 yards of the ball when committing a foul. Those who have missed the deadline will be charged a late fee.

The season of the league begins on Friday, April 1st, and runs for ten weeks from September 11 to November 13th. All players must wear a shin guard and cleats. They will receive a free soccer ball as well. In the last two weeks of the season, the program will also feature a memory mate photo. The fees for the team are $55 per player. The registration fee for the Fall soccer season is available here.

Parents can volunteer to coach the game. Volunteering to coach is an essential part of the program and it is a great way to get involved with the sport. All of the players are encouraged to practice together and learn about the rules of the game. If the league does not have a policy, it will make sure that players are aware of it. If they do not, then the league will suspend them. If they have received a red card, they must leave the facility.