Soccer Ball Size by Age

Soccer Ball Size by Age When choosing the soccer ball for your child it’s important to take into consideration their age and soccer ability. Should I consider Soccer Ball Size by Age. Each sport has specific rules about the size of the soccer ball which will depend on the age of the child. Using the … Read more

What to eat before a soccer game

Before you head out for a high-level, competitive soccer match you need to have a proper eating plan for the game. As with any other sport, eating right before and after soccer matches will have important implications for your performance. Proper diet and nutrition is especially important if you are preparing for a big game … Read more

How Much do Soccer Players Make

When you think about how much do soccer players make, you probably imagine a professional athlete making millions of dollars. This may be the reality, but the truth is that the pay is not just big money. The pay is comparable to what you would earn playing other sports. The major difference is that English … Read more

Best American Soccer Players

There is a lot of discussion as to who are the best American soccer players of all time. Some prefer Becky ham, others like Lauren Cole and there are some who think the best of the best are Carli Lloyd, Terri Reed, Alexi Shelburne and Becky ham. If you ask me I think Alexi is … Read more

Nigeria Soccer Jersey

The Nigeria soccer jersey is a simple short sleeved jersey typically with a flat front print with a sleek, sweeping V-neck. The shirt includes the official logo and the crest of the manufacturer. The shorts are typically black but the colors have been introduced for this particular jersey. It comes with detailed instructions on how … Read more

Womens Soccer Shorts

Womens soccer shorts have long been in vogue. The trend gained momentum during the 1990s, when Nike and Adidas brought out their own line of women’s soccer jerseys. The popularity of these football kits made way for replica and other cheap football equipment that proliferated all over the world. Now, even high schools and recreational … Read more

What are soccer cones

If you have been around the soccer world for any amount of time, you will know what are soccer cones, but for those of you who don’t, here is a little background information on these handy tools. You will be surprised how many people use them, and the amount of people you run into who … Read more

Soccer Body Paint

Soccer Body Paint is one of the many new fads in extreme sports that are sweeping the nation. While these images have been taken prior to the 2021 World Cup, which was held in Africa, they don’t make those photos any less meaningful. They are just as exciting to look at as the games themselves. … Read more

Coast Soccer League

The headquarters of Coast Soccer League is at 350 S Glassell Street, Orange, California, 928 66, United States. The first year the CSL was launched was in 1998 when it played its first season. The very first game was held in Los Angeles and ended up attracting about a hundred fans. In the following years … Read more

Adult Soccer Leagues Near Me

Adult Soccer Leagues Near Me, New York and California Adult soccer leagues near me in New York and California are two of the most popular in the country. These adult soccer leagues cater to people from different backgrounds. They are great for people who have interests in soccer, but may not be able to attend … Read more