Maryville College Women’s Soccer

Maryville College Women’s Soccer

Thanks for visiting the Maryville College Women’s Soccer Scholarship website and information page. Here you will get detailed information on the ladies college and info on their new Women’s Soccer team including information on how to apply for scholarships, who to contact regarding recruiting, details of past inductees, information on available scholarship programs, and what scholarship options are available. You will also find links to upcoming events, such as a free beginner training session, schedule of game schedules for the rest of the season, and the latest news. Updates will also be available on the Scoreboard and the MHSAA website.

The new coach is Kim Corbett from Pacific Lutheran. Before she took over as the head coach, she was an assistant coach at De La Salle. Kim has a lot of experience with soccer and has been coaching women for many years. She played professionally for five years with the Galaxy and coached at Cal Tech. Before coming to Maryville, she coached at Holy Cross and Santa Cruz. She was the women’s volleyball and basketball coach at George Washington.

The new Maryville College soccer team is made up of eleven players, including the following: goalkeeper, forwards (6), central defender, strikers, fullbacks, wingers, defenses, and non-need based defenders. The offensive line consists of 5 up-back players, three centers, one deep forward, two wingers, two outside backs, two defenders, and a goalie. This is a fairly good starting line. Since this is an all-women squad, the coach may decide to use a rotation system.

About Maryville College Women’s Soccer Team

The women’s soccer team plays their games at Kean University. Kean is located on the west side of Maryland and is about an hour and forty minute drive from Baltimore. The Black and Gold were previously affiliated with the Maryland College Soccer Team, but eventually became their own team in 2021. They have also joined the Maryland Women’s Soccer Association (MWSTA).

Coach Shea is the lead woman and serves as the assistant coach for the football team. She has been a player and coach for the Lions since they were beginning in the fall of 1998. Her record during her time as a player for the Lions is 33-5-2. Her honors include being a starter for the MBA club and a participant in the Women’s Professional Development Program.

The women’s soccer team is going to be a part of the Nike Women’s Soccer Cup which will be held in January. This will be an all-girls game. Maryville is bidding for the rights to be part of the tournament so any help is appreciated. Coach Shea has already helped develop a good program for the team and is very excited for the upcoming season.

Shea knows that it is going to be a tough year for the team. Last year they only won two out of their ten games. There are some key players on this team that should be breakout stars. forwards, defenders, and Midfielders. These are just some of the players that stand out to make this women’s soccer team a major success this year.

Coach Shea does her best to emphasize the fact that soccer is a team sport that requires great attention to detail. She wants the soccer team to be able to compete against men and win. Being women’s soccer is not easy because of the physical demands placed upon them. The coach works hard every day to instill a winning attitude into the team and teaches them to believe that they can and will do well in the sport.

This past week has been a busy week for Maryville College women’s soccer. Practice began on Friday and the first game of the season was a home game against rival Riverton Soccer Club. Both teams came out strong, but Maryville managed to come out on top with a 2-1 victory. They will take on Northwood University in their next game.

The next game for the Maryville College women’s soccer team will be played against perennial powerhouse and title contender Webster University. The Cougars are coming off of a disappointing season where they did not go to the NCAA tournament. Coach Shea welcomes back returning players like Alexa Johnson, Shea Kelley and Lauren Chavez and hope to build on last year’s team performance. Webster is also looking to rebound from a disappointing season where they missed the NCAA tournament. Both teams should have an excellent season opener.

The women’s soccer team at Maryville College should benefit from the experience of previous players like Lauren Chavez, Alexa Johnson, Shea Kelley and Lauren Chavez. Each player can tell the story of what it takes to be a part of an excellent soccer program and coach. It is important for each team to have a great season opener so that they can get started this year and have a chance to get better and build on what they have already accomplished. Each team must give what they have to the other in order for a winning result in their first meeting of the season opener.