Lynchburg Women’s Soccer Team

The Lynchburg women’s soccer team has made a name for itself by consistently winning conference and national tournament games. In the 2014 season, the Hornets won the ODAC title and tied for the most wins in Division III history. The Hornets have consistently been a top regional and conference contender. Under head coach Todd Olsen, Lynchburg is ranked 22nd in the nation. In the postseason, the Hornets have an impressive record, allowing just 0.64 goals per game while scoring 2.70 goals. The Lynchburg Hornets are led by freshman forward Jade Dombrovskis, who leads the team with five assists and seven goals.

lynchburg womens soccer

Lynchburg Women’s Soccer Team

The University of Lynchburg women’s soccer team was coached by Dr. Todd Olsen since 2016. The team has eight All-ODAC players, including Emma Hiett, who is also a senior. She has been an assistant coach since 2016. The women’s soccer team has won nine consecutive games and earned the bid to the NCAA Tournament for the third consecutive season. She was named a member of the All-ODAC first team in 2016.

On Sunday, Lynchburg will play the Shenandoah Hornets in the first round of the NCAA Division III tournament. The team will face the Shenandoah Hornet in the championship game. Newton will take charge of the girls’ soccer program at Jefferson Forest High School, where he has been the head coach since 2015. If the Hornets can win, it will take them to the top of the NCAA.

The coaching staff of the Lynchburg women’s soccer team includes Natalie Deacon, who was a standout player during her four years on the Hornets. The two were teammates in the ODAC tournament in 2014. In addition to their academic achievements, the players are also able to receive college honors. This is a win-win situation for both teams. The team’s coaches are committed to developing the skills of their players.

The head coach of the Lynchburg women’s soccer team is paid a $26,283 salary. The average salary for an assistant coach is $25,773 per year. The head coaches of the men’s and women’s soccer teams earn an average of $72,312 per year. However, the Lynchburg Women’s Soccer Team is a powerhouse in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference, with a combined total of 531 student athletes on its roster.

While the Lynchburg women’s soccer team is led by two assistant coaches, the women’s track and field program is led by a head coach with eight assistants. The school has one head coach and two assistant coaches. Overall, the program has a net profit of $179,956. In 2016, the cost of running the men’s and women’s soccer programs was $230,200. They did not make any money, but they are still a solid investment for the campus.

The Lynchburg women’s soccer team has 16 players and one head coach. The team is led by three assistant coaches. The Hornets had a total revenue of $213,955 last year and lost $-1. The average income per player for the program is approximately $930 a year. The school’s sports programs do not lose money. However, they did incur expenses of $89,224.

The women’s soccer team had one head coach and four assistant coaches in 2017. The men’s team has a head coach, and four assistants. Combined, the programs had a combined $180,322 in 2017. In total, they paid out $302,682 and lost $-0. However, the Lynchburg men’s team had just two assistants, and spent $277,890, while the women’s program lost $7,321 in expenses.

The Lynchburg men’s soccer program had two assistant coaches and a head coach. They have an average of 12 players and paid out $245,942 in expenses in their last year. Their total revenue was $41,958. The expenses for the women’s soccer program included salaries for the four assistants and the head coach. And the costs of their sport were the same. With the same budget, the men’s basketball team did not lose money, but they did lose money.

The Lynchburg women’s soccer team will face Sweet Briar at Shellenberger Field on Tuesday, Sept. 28. The Lynchburg women’s soccer team also plays at Bridgewater on Oct. 16 and Roanoke College on Nov. 18. The schedule is a tough one, but the Lynchburg Lady Hornets have a few games to get ready for its upcoming season. Its opponents’ schedules are full and their schedule is not.