Is Your Soccer MouthGuard Safe and Durable?

soccer mouthguard

Soccer MouthGuard

A soccer player’s mouth is an integral part of the game. Without it, the game would not be possible to be played. Mouthguards are designed to protect your teeth and prevent injuries to them during the rough play of a soccer game. Mouthguards are also called “the toothpaste of sports,” because they are used to treat the teeth after a hard days game. Many top soccer players wear them after practicing for weeks or months in order to keep their teeth well-taken care of.

Soccer MouthGuard: What to consider

There are several things a soccer mouthguard should have. The first thing to look for is a thick material that is built to fit well into your mouth. You will want a mouth guard that is thick enough to cover the teeth, but thin enough that it does not fall off and cause you pain during a game. Some of the top brands that manufacture these protective gear brands include:

Teeth: First, you need to take special care of your teeth during your soccer practice. They will be extremely sensitive to any type of hit or foul. In fact, if you get hit on the side of the head during a tackle you can literally bleed to death from the force of the blow. Mouth guards that help protect your teeth from unnecessary trauma help protect them from any unnecessary damage from hits. You should also look for soccer mouthguards that have safety latches and Velcro straps that help secure them in place.

Bruises and Gums: As you probably know, soccer mouthguards do not just help protect your teeth during a game. If you are a soccer player with a sport related dental issue such as cracked, chipped or worn teeth then these mouth guards can help heal those problems. Not only do they provide comfort and relief from pain, but they can also save you money in the long run because you do not have to buy multiple pairs of dental braces to treat the problem. Another great thing about using mouth guards while playing is that many will fit over and around your teeth and gums. This helps to seal up your mouth so that nothing hits directly.

Comfort: It is very important for a soccer mouthguard to provide comfort for the player and the coach. The coach will be using them all the time and the player will be using them throughout the game. You want to make sure that you get one that has a very comfortable feature. Some are quite hard and some are very soft. What you want to do is find one that fits your hand snugly so that you do not have to take your hand off to use it.

Durability: This is an important characteristic as well because you want something durable. This should stand up to all the rough play that a soccer player will put it through. Look at durability statistics for each manufacturer. The highest rated companies are usually the ones that make the best soccer mouthguards. You do not want to settle for just anyone when it comes to these guards because there are some that are not very durable and do not last very long.

Price: It does not matter what level of soccer you play at, if you do not have the proper mouth guard, you are going to get hurt. There are different price ranges for each brand. Some are more expensive than others. Be sure to ask your doctor whether you need a soccer mouth guard that fits you for safety reasons.

Having dental injuries can be devastating for a player. Getting struck in the mouth by a soccer ball while playing soccer can cause severe injuries to the lips, gums, and teeth. Mouth guards are an essential part of the game of soccer and should not be overlooked when choosing your soccer equipment. If you choose the best mouth piece, there should be no worries about dental injuries. You can play the game without concern for being hurt.

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