Grand Valley Soccer Association

If you’re looking for a soccer league for youth in the greater Grand Rapids area, the Grand Valley Soccer Association (GVSA) is the place to go. With 5894 registered youth players and 90 outdoor fields, the GVSA is the perfect place for your child to get started. From recreational to highly competitive games, the GVSA offers a variety of recreational and competitive soccer for ages 7 to 19. The organization has 641 coaches and over four hundred teams from 31 clubs.

grand valley soccer association

Grand Valley Soccer Association

The GVSA, which also includes the Grand Valley Youth Soccer Club, has a strong history of youth soccer. The RPYSC Select travel team and GVSA travel teams compete in the same league. The older RPYSC Select travel team plays in the Great Lakes Co-Ed Soccer League. All three soccer leagues are governed by FIFA Laws of the Game. Each individual league can make a few subtle changes, but all three follow the laws of the game.

GVSA has a robust program for youth sports. The GVSA’s pilot launch in spring this year proved successful, and the organization hopes to expand its reach to more clubs. The GVSA has a long tradition of excellence and has expanded from its beginnings in 1990. It has played in more than 600 soccer games in the greater Grand Rapids area, representing more than 6000 youth players. The organization represents the youth soccer communities of West Michigan and currently has a membership of more than 30 clubs.

Officials are encouraged to take the time to prepare their match reports before the game. The first copy of each game must include all rosters and must be returned within 10 working days. Regardless of the age of the players, it is necessary to keep the two match reports. One copy should contain both teams’ rosters, the match date and venue, as well as time of the goal. A team will be responsible for completing the match report, and the other will be stored until the end of the season.