Coast Soccer League

coast soccer league

The Pacific Coast Soccer League was a Canadian semi-professional and amateur soccer league that existed from 1908 to 1973. The league has been in several incarnations, including the Mainland Senior Soccer League, Intercity Junior League, and the British Columbia Senior Soccer Association. The league’s final form is unknown. The league was merged with other provincial soccer leagues after the 1972-73 season. The Vancouver Giants and the Edmonton Oilers were the first teams in the league.

Coast Soccer League Clubs

The Pacific Coast Soccer League is a professional youth soccer league in Southern California. Founded in 1908, the league features teams from British Columbia. It has been a popular venue for soccer enthusiasts in the region, with clubs from Washington and Oregon in the past. The league is composed of several different divisions, including elite and developmental. Each division focuses on a particular skill. In addition to showcasing the talents of young soccer players, the Pacific Coast Soccer League also features the best amateur teams in the nation.

The Pacific Coast Soccer League is considered British Columbia’s premier summer soccer league. The league’s winners do not qualify for higher cup competitions, as the winter season lasts only 2.5 months. The players who play in the PCSL are elite soccer players, including ex-pros from Europe and North America. They also include college and university soccer players. There are several teams directly affiliated with local university soccer programs. In addition, some clubs have adult divisions.

One of the most successful youth soccer clubs in the area is Jacksonville United FC. First Coast Soccer Association and Jacksonville United FC joined forces in 2012 to form the club. This team was formed by the area’s first youth club executive director and began winning the highest-caliber youth leagues in the country. This club also provides training and other opportunities for children to further their soccer skills. And the club’s mission is to foster the growth of the sport.


The Coast Soccer League, as part of CYSA-S, has established rules for players. In order to play in this league, you must be registered and pay a registration fee. Players are divided into age groups based on age and ability. Players can start at age eight and go up to age 19 or so. The age matrix for the current registration year is provided on the league’s website. Players should read this document carefully.

The League Executive must review the performance of each Club and its compliance with the League’s rules. This committee also reviews the Club’s financial commitments and discipline. The League Executive recommends entry into the League for teams that have met certain criteria. In addition, the League Executive must invite high-quality teams to participate and organize exhibition games for the League’s members to demonstrate their level of excellence. The League Executive is responsible for overseeing the Pacific Coast Soccer League.

Media guides

The Pacific Coast Soccer League is the third tier of the Canadian soccer pyramid. It shares that third tier with its Ontario-based semi-professional counterpart. This league is relatively new, and enjoys comparatively less national attention than its Eastern brother. The Pacific Coast League is made up of amateur teams, so most matches go unnoticed outside of the local media. Here’s a look at the media guides for the league’s top-tier teams:

Cost of membership

The cost of coast soccer league membership depends on a number of factors. The fees cover medical insurance and referee salaries, as well as player development. Depending on the club, registration fees may range from one hundred to five hundred dollars. Families must also cover the costs of travel and equipment. Luckily, there are several affordable options. Below are some tips to keep in mind while selecting a coast soccer league. Read on to learn more about what to expect from a membership fee.


The CSL Premier League is a two-year-old offshoot of the coast soccer league. This 1,000-team competitive soccer league spans from San Luis Obispo to the Mexican border. The Coast Soccer League is an outstanding organization, with teams divided into Bronze, Silver, and Gold brackets, and each bracket has specific rules. More than 30 CSL alumni have gone on to play in the MLS.

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