Coaching in OHTSL Soccer

If you’re interested in coaching young soccer players, the OHTSL Soccer can help. There are two seasons: the Fall and Spring. Both seasons have two levels of play. The Fall season is played at CSA fields near Buffham Road. During the Winter season, the teams compete in the OHSSL’s Winter Classic tournament. While home games are typically played on the east side of Cleveland, some teams travel to Norwalk, Mansfield, or Sandusky.

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OHTSL Soccer League

Both seasons are full of competitive games and practices. Some teams will have games on weeknights or combine with a younger team of the same age. Regardless of the schedule, players should make sure they show up for all games and practices on time and act accordingly. Parents should also make sure that their child’s practice schedule doesn’t conflict with family or work schedules. Some teams may also have to make special arrangements, depending on the number of players.

The OHTSL soccer season lasts 7-8 weeks. Most teams will play four Sunday games and one or two weekday practices. Each team will also have a volunteer manager. The season is split into two halves and two practices. The coaches will provide a coach for each team, and the team will need a volunteer team manager. The coaches will also coordinate schedules and communication. A league member is required to be a team manager for each club.

The MSA also handles all ref fees and field maintenance. This includes mowing the grass and maintaining the restrooms. A good player should be able to participate in both seasons. The team will need to spend a year playing in the Travel Soccer Program before they can play in the “League” games. However, a player should only play in the “League” if they have proven themselves at tryouts.

The playing time of players will vary between divisions. An older team may not have equal playing time. A newly formed team will likely have more or less equal playing time. Some players will get more than others, but it is important to remember that all players will be on the field at one time or another. If there are no age restrictions, you can play in the Division 1 or 2 brackets. The older team will have equal playing times compared to the younger ones.