Jeff Pill Soccer Drills

Jeff Pill Soccer Drills has made him one of the most sought after coaches in the country. His extensive collection of soccer drills can be found on his website. As a former coach, he has earned several honors, including the Sportsman of the Year and the Advanced National Diploma. He has coached at the college, … Read more

Can I Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes on Turf?

Indoor soccer shoes are incredibly lightweight and comfortable. You may wonder Can I Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes on Turf. The only problem with wearing these on a turf field is that they don’t provide proper traction on the ground. If your goal is to shoot a ball with your toes, you may not be able … Read more

How Do You Spell Soccer Ball?

The word “soccer ball” is an idiosyncrasy of North American English. The earliest instance of the word is found in a 19th century poem by Ernest Christopher Dowson. Despite the widespread use of the term, it is still not a standardized term. The abbreviation football teeters to another sport, causing its spelling to be tied … Read more

What Size Soccer Ball For 12 Year Old

Choosing the right size Soccer Ball For 12 Year Old can be tricky. Typically, younger children play with a size 3 soccer ball, while older kids will move up to a size 4 ball. While this is the standard size for younger kids, the size of the ball may be different than that for an … Read more

Morocco Soccer Jersey

Morocco Soccer Jersey The official Morocco soccer jersey is available in many colors, including white, red, and green. The home jersey is red with white trim and features embroidered team logos. The away jersey is green with red trim. The FRMF Morocco home jersey is 100% polyester with authentic team branding. Each shirt is handcrafted … Read more

John Ankeney Soccer Complex

The John Ankeney Soccer Complex is located in Beavercreek, Ohio. It is the home field for many of the Beavercreek Celtic soccer teams and regularly hosts BSA Celtic and Recreational League games. The facility also hosts statewide, regional, and national tournaments. The complex is owned and operated by the Beavercreek Sports Association. There are two … Read more