How to Use Your Foot Sole to Catch a Soccer Ball

Using your foot sole to catch a soccer ball is an important skill to master. The purpose of using the sole of your foot is to change direction and make quick changes of direction, whether it’s a stop to avoid an opponent, or a turn to keep a defender guessing. The best way to practice … Read more

Otterbein Women’s Soccer Wins OAC Tournament

Otterbein women’s soccer has had a lot of success over the years. The program won its first OAC Tournament in 2003, and was 56-11-5 overall in the past few years. However, two senior class members have graduated, so the team has lost some of its top players. This fall, the Cardinals will be getting a … Read more

How to Do the Maradona Soccer Move

Maradona Soccer Move In order to imitate the famous soccer move of Maradona, you should practice it at slow speed. You must also do certain movements at high speed. Try to mimic the move as much as possible. It can be very difficult to master. However, once you learn how to perform the maneuver, you … Read more

How to Become More Aggressive in Soccer

One of the most common questions players ask is, “how to become more aggressive in soccer?” This answer varies depending on the skill level of the player. But the basic idea is simple: If you’d like to play at a higher level, you need to be 100% aggressive. Here are some tips. You must also … Read more

Give and Go Soccer Drills

Give and Go Soccer Drills refers to an attack and defense style, in which one player passes the ball to another player while the other tries to create space for the other player to shoot. This session emphasizes the concept of “go” and is appropriate for players of all ages and ability levels. The players … Read more

Magnetic Soccer Coaching Board

Magnetic Soccer Coaching Board Magnetic soccer coaching whiteboards are great tools for any coach. They are versatile and can be used anywhere, from the dugout to the dressing room. They are portable, and the corrugated dry-wipe body of a magnetic board makes them easy to clean. You can write on them with a whiteboard pen … Read more

Soccer For 2 Year Olds

Soccer for 2 year olds is a great activity for toddlers. The game is simple and easy to learn for two-year-olds. The best part is that they will enjoy it! Aside from learning how to kick the ball, they will also enjoy dribbling, kicking the ball with their feet and playing tag with other kids. … Read more

Soccer Coach

The Job of a Soccer Coach There are two types of soccer coaches. One is the manager, and the other is the coach. The former is more common outside of Britain, while the latter is most common in the United States. Both are responsible for the management of a particular team. Both titles are essentially … Read more

Why do soccer players fake injuries

The main reason why soccer players fake injuries is to buy time. In football, the clock never stops, so if a team is in a lead, they can use this tactic to prolong the game. In soccer, however, the clock never stops regardless of the type of play, so if a player is injured, they … Read more

How to Pass a Soccer Ball

The first step in learning how to pass a soccer ball is to practice kicking the ball while dribbling. To be more accurate, the foot must be inside the ball. The outside of the foot, which is often referred to as the inside of the foot, should be turned sideways as the foot approaches the … Read more