Why Do Soccer Players Wear Bras?

It may seem strange to see a male athlete wearing a bra, but the question of why do soccer players wear bras isn’t that odd after all. These sports bras are actually GPS trackers that collect data about a player’s performance and send it to a program controlling the player. It can also help improve … Read more

Which Sport Draws the Most Spectators in Mexico?

Which Sport Draws the Most Spectators in Mexico? Apart from soccer, which sport draws the most attention in Mexico? A popular sport in Mexico is baseball, but what other sport draws more spectators than this? In addition to this, there are other sports, such as basketball, boxing, and bullfighting, which also draw large numbers of … Read more

How Many Laps Around a Soccer Field is a Mile?

How Many Laps Around a Soccer Field is a Mile? You may be wondering how Many Laps Around a Soccer Field is a Mile?. The answer depends on the size of the field. For example, a 100 yard soccer field is 60 yards wide, meaning that five full laps around the soccer field equal one … Read more

How Long Is a Soccer Game?

How Long Is a Soccer Game? When playing soccer, it’s important to know how long a game lasts. Most games last 90 minutes, but some may go over that. Extra time is added to the end of a game if a team scores the winning goal or ties the match. It will be decided by … Read more

How long is halftime in soccer

How long is halftime in soccer The question of how long is halftime in soccer varies depending on the type of soccer you play. For example, youth soccer may have a much shorter halftime than adult soccer. In addition, there are differences in the rules for injury time, which can be up to 15 minutes … Read more

Zero in Soccer Scores

Having a hard time finding the answer to Zero in soccer scores? Try using the search function on the right sidebar to find the solution to this crossword clue. This will help you to move on with your crossword puzzle. After you’ve figured out the answer to Zero in soccer scores, go back and see … Read more

Get Involved With Loudoun Soccer

The Loudoun Soccer Club The Loudoun Soccer Club has a rich tradition of hosting high quality competitive matches that are known as the Loudoun Soccer Showcase. The Loudoun Soccer Showcase features all teams participating in the annual spring season and training programs for college soccer teams. This Showcase is hosted annually by Loudoun Soccer Club … Read more

What to eat before a soccer game

Before you head out for a high-level, competitive soccer match you need to have a proper eating plan for the game. As with any other sport, eating right before and after soccer matches will have important implications for your performance. Proper diet and nutrition is especially important if you are preparing for a big game … Read more

How Much do Soccer Players Make

When you think about how much do soccer players make, you probably imagine a professional athlete making millions of dollars. This may be the reality, but the truth is that the pay is not just big money. The pay is comparable to what you would earn playing other sports. The major difference is that English … Read more

Best American Soccer Players

There is a lot of discussion as to who are the best American soccer players of all time. Some prefer Becky ham, others like Lauren Cole and there are some who think the best of the best are Carli Lloyd, Terri Reed, Alexi Shelburne and Becky ham. If you ask me I think Alexi is … Read more