U8 Soccer Rules

A fundamental part of U8 soccer rules is the formation of the field. The field is divided into two halves by a center line (the midfield line), a blue line running parallel to the end lines, and a goal in the center of each half. Both sides are allowed to change possession of the ball, … Read more

U8 Indoor Soccer Rules

U8 Indoor Soccer Rules If you have never played u8 indoor soccer before, you may be wondering what are U8 Indoor Soccer Rules . First, you must know that this type of soccer doesn’t have a referee. Instead, a team captain will make the rules for their team. There is no kicking or throwing of … Read more

Jeremy has a weekend job as a soccer referee

Jeremy has a weekend job as a soccer referee. He earns about $210 for working six games. He also has a weekend job as a referee for soccer. Depending on the season, Jeremy may be able to earn up to $240 per game. He earns more than $600 a month. Jeremy has a weekend job … Read more

What Does FC Stand For in Soccer?

Despite the fact that FC is an abbreviation of football club, it is an incredibly common word in soccer. It stands for “football club,” which is used by teams in many different parts of the world, including Japan, the Middle East, and South America. It is the most commonly used suffix in the English Premier … Read more

A Soccer Ball Is Kicked From the Ground

In a game of soccer, what happens if a soccer ball is kick from the ground? It means that there is some force on the ball, which is pushed by some momentum. Imagine kicking a hard object, it will vibrate and make some impact to the body. So, if a ball is hit hard from … Read more

Juggling Soccer Ball

Juggling soccer ball is very popular amongst young players who are just starting out in the sport. The great thing about juggling soccer ball is that it requires very little skill, and anyone can learn how to do it. As long as you have a good surface to play on (even a grassy yard will … Read more

Yellow Card Soccer

In this article, will give you all of the info you need to know about yellow card soccer; how a yellow card really is earned; what a soccer player does when they receive a yellow card; what it normally means for that player to receive such a card; and what kind of penalty awaits that … Read more

Soccer Position Numbers

What do the soccer position numbers mean. The number on each jersey does mean something more than a way to identify a player on the field. To many a jersey number does not appear to play a role in the on field play. But traditionally, it has and their is a system and a mythology … Read more

What Does Caps Mean In Soccer

What does caps mean in Soccer? The term caps in soccer is used to signify that a player has played in an international game. What Does Caps Mean In Soccer In order to have a cap for a game the players must have taken part in the game. The player does not have to have … Read more