Casl Soccer – Canada, USA, Europe, Asia and Other Countries Have Created a Scratch Tournament

A few days before my friend arrived in Raleigh to take the advantage of their wonderful weather for the week I had read a terrific article about “Camel Soccer” which was in a Canadian magazine. In this article the writer had brought up the issue of refereeing in soccer and the impact it could have on the sport. He also mentioned that the US used to have more complaints about the refereeing during international games, but now that the US is leading the standings in the world they are now receiving fewer complaints. The writer also cited that both the Canadian and US Soccer Association are now working more closely together in a bid to enhance the sport. And in Canada we’ve seen a recent increase in our National Team selection from more local players who play at lower level.

Casl Soccer

This past weekend my acquaintance and I went to a Casl soccer clinic put on by our local Youth Soccer Association. This is an incredible resource for any kid that wants to learn more about the sport. The place is located at the corner of Hillsborough and Yountville roads, it’s not far from where our youth group practices. There were several other places for kids to learn and get exercise.

During our visit I asked them all the obvious questions: What is the difference between a regular soccer game and a casl soccer game? What types of rules are involved? How many fouls can a player have? And do the Canadians and Americans use words that aren’t correct? Answer No.

We watched a fantastic highlight reel of some of the Canadian players being sent off for misconduct by the CPL officials. Then the question was asked: “What do you think are the reasons for the increased number of fouls?” Several athletes talked about the CPL requiring players to use words that are not allowed in regular play. Another athlete said that if the officials don’t enforce the rules players will stop playing. One player said that he didn’t care if the players didn’t care about the rules, all they cared about was winning and he would play to win.

Casl Soccer League

The Canadian Soccer League doesn’t seem to be concerned about this latest trend. Apparently this is a new regulation that has been implemented and the players must all abide by it or they will be disqualified. According to Sports Canada International Association, the CPL will be sending a team to the World Cup in Russia in 2021, which means that they will be competing in a different soccer tournament then. The players that don’t comply with the new rule can expect to be suspended from the tournament.

In case you missed the news, Canadian forward Marcus Haberstroth was called into the United States squad for the US Men’s National Team and will now travel to Canada to play in the first ever Friendly International against Mexico. He was one of the invitees and along with players like defender Doneil Henry and midfielder Perry Kitchen, they will battle it out against Mexico in the friendlies. It’s good that the MLS has recognized the talent that Haberstroth has as it is a player that many consider to be among the best in the league.

So what is the problem here? Well as a Canadian, I’m livid because this sentence is very unfair to me, to the rest of the soccer world, and to the rest of the Canadian players. Now you might say that we are the only country that allows players to wear clothing other than our own, but that isn’t true. Many countries allow players to wear whatever they want, whether it’s an official jersey or not. In fact, some countries have player competitions where fans vote for the “best dressed player”.

Personally, I think that a Casl Soccer Girls Scratch Tournament should be started immediately, all the players should wear the same uniform, or at least the same tops, shorts, socks, etc. and then have every player play a minimum of 4 games against other international teams from Canada, in order to get them accustomed to playing against other nations, especially the very top teams. If we need any more tips on becoming better at soccer, all we have to do is read our favourite sports magazines, watch TV and get online. We need to show our talent right away, don’t wait – join a girls showcase today!