Bestselling Soccer mom tent

Soccer Mom’s love the outdoors and the game of soccer. This makes soccer mom tents a great solution to bring the game experience outside. With the popularity of soccer growing it has become more important to have the right gear to bring the game to the park or the beach.

soccer mom tent

Soccer mom tent

The Largest Weather Pod you will find. A soccer mom weather pod sports tent is ideal for hosting an eventful outdoor sporting event. With enough room for up to 2 chairs or a 4 person picnic table you will love the added legroom in front of spectator section. In sunny weather, you will be able to sit comfortably even on a sunny day. You can store your stuff easily and comfortably due to the durable and waterproof fabric from which it is made.

With a choice of fabrics from nylon to hi tech polyester to Denier polyester to Olefin breathable membrane, Fufa is a one stop shop for your tent and chairs. The Fufa soccer mom bubble tent folding chairs are quite popular due to their durability and ease of storing. It offers superior quality and easy assembly making it a preferred choice of many soccer mom’s.

Soccer mom tent Designs

Polyurethane weather pods are highly versatile and are weather resistant. These high tech weather pods are available in both single and double shell models. The double shell model offers expanded side and rear protection from rain and extreme wind. The single shell weather pod pop-up tent offers compact storage that folds flat for convenient transportation.

The Fufa soccer mom weather pods offer storage and transport features. There are two main options. You can choose the standard single shell model which offers storage for twelve people. The second option is a larger single shell model offering sixty five storage areas. This allows for a greater number of people to be stored within a single tent.

The larger single shell tent also has the ability to grow with your child. This means that as they get older they can expand the tent to accommodate more family and friends. With the large single weather pod design it is easy to have enough room for soccer mom and her friends to spread out and sleep comfortably throughout the night. As the months pass so do the soccer mom and her guests’ needs grow.

The Fufa soccer mom tent is available in many beautiful fabrics such as nylon, shiny acrylic, terry cloth, PVC, and even a vinyl material. The tent is available in a single shell design or a double shell design. The largest pod you will find is a soccer mom model which is only a little larger than a standard one person bench. The average size is a record size of about 34 inches across. Even a four person bench will fit comfortably inside this tent.

So whether you are having a wedding, a picnic, a family reunion or just hanging out with some friends the Fufa Staging Pod Tent is the perfect choice for you. It can be set up in less than thirty minutes and it can be completely protected from both sun and rain weather with its UV protective cover. The best part is that it even has an economical value because you only need one set up, one weather pod and one retractable pole for your convenience.

The Bubble Tent is another soccer mom favorite that is available in many sizes and colors. This tent also comes with a built in shade with the ability to easily be closed so that it does not overheat. This tent also comes equipped with handy pockets for holding your accessories and other items. This tent does not fold up, but has a convenient lock for securing your items.

Soccer mom tent pop up

The Pop-Up Tent by Fufa is made for those who love the pop up tent style tents but do not want the attached shade. It is very lightweight which makes it easy to set up. The tent is so easy to use even kids will have no trouble at all putting it up. The bubble tent also comes with many versatile weather zones, wind, and UV protection. It has five mesh weather zones which provide complete coverage for whatever the outside weather brings. This tent also has its own carrying handle which makes it very easy to carry around.

The Fufa Tarpaulin by Pop Up Tents is a great option for moms on the go who are concerned about keeping their young children safe from the sun, rain, and extreme temperatures. It is very lightweight, waterproof, and has plenty of room for toys and accessories. The zippers run smoothly and easily and there are two large doors and one smaller door with clear 270 degree windows. The tent also has a front zip pocket and an adjustable hook to hold a flashlight. The inside is clear and has plenty of room for carrying items as well. The Fufa Tarpaulin by Pop Up Tents folds up small and compact so that it can easily be stored and taken along when you go camping.

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