About Darien Soccer Association

about darien soccer association

Darien Soccer Association

About Darien Soccer Association, we can say that it is a non profit organization formed with the sole purpose of raising funds and awareness for the young players in the state of Louisiana. The first event that the Association organized was the “Garboarday Youth Soccer Tournament” that was held in the town of New Orleans in 2021. Since then, the Association has held several more regional tournaments and international tournaments in the state of Louisiana. In recent years, they have expanded their scope to include several other states like Texas and Georgia.

Now, about darien soccer association address, we should say that there are currently about twenty (21) clubs affiliated with this association in New Orleans alone. The number is expected to increase in the coming years as the number of kids playing soccer grows in the state of Louisiana. However, with the growth of the number of kids playing this sport, the quality of the soccer players in the state of Louisiana is also on the rise. This is also one reason why the Association of Parents of Youth Soccer in New Orleans has taken initiative to form the New Orleans Youth Soccer Association.

The club is an offshoot of the New Orleans Saints Football Club (LANFC), which is a successful Major League Soccer (MLS) team. It was founded in the spring of 2021 and the present roster includes current players like Alex Rodriguez, Chris Paul, Jason Kidd, Chris Salmon, Walt Hunter, and Sean Henderson. The darien soccer association has helped improve the overall condition of the darien soccer players. Because the association is not for profit, every donation or contribution that they receive is used for the purpose of improving the youth soccer program of the kids in the state of Louisiana. So far, the association has received several hundred dollars worth of donations and will continue to receive them in the future.